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Reckon Interiors is all about creating simple and sophisticated, yet invitingly luxurious interiors. Using the golden rules of design and mixing in our innovative ideas and solutions – we create spaces that are ambient, serene and have a feel-good element. We believe in enriching lives through design. Design should be joyous, not overwhelming. With our proven expertise, skill and experience, we identify our client’s tastes, and then translate their wishes into design language – that truly reflects individual tastes, dreams and lifestyle. Striking a balance between beauty and functionality, our design expertise encompasses all aspects of architectural design – from interiors to exteriors, furniture and Kitchen appliances and beyond. So whether you planning to renovate, build or want to add a special touch – we pull together any residential and commercial project in entirety. Working with an unwavering commitment to detail, Reckon Interiors treats every project like an opportunity to tell a story with our designs. Designs that will touch your Heart and bring your space to Life


A home is not just a place we take refuge inside. It’s a space that regenerates our bodies and minds, inspires us, and comforts us. Creating such spaces are a delicate process. We at Reckon Interiors, work with a wide range of style preferences to help you re-imagine the meaning of home and add true value. We design a home that best incorporates the client’s design goals and dreams, in conjunction with budget and timeline.Ideas are agreed on, developed together, and put into action through tailor-made solutions. Because we truly believe that your home doesn’t have to be just beautiful and glamorous, but one that is a Real reflection of YOU!


Commercial interiors play a vital role in the success of your organization. From increasing functionality to elevating style for financial gains, commercial interiors can translate your business vision in ways that are practical, profitable and comfortable. At Reckon Interiors, we have the innate ability to conceptualize every structure and make all your requirements come together in one usable and beautiful space. We choose designs that best suit your business and fosters engagement, productivity & positive vibes. We then bring it to life with the right schemes, elements and finishes. Regardless of the space, our custom interiors are bound to take your branding to the next level with a space that your client, customer or guests truly Love!


Each of us want that unique and outstanding atmosphere that radiates in our homes. Be it a good décor or a one-of-a- kind unique piece of art work customized to your style. Undoubtedly there’s a huge range of art out there available to buy, but the process can seem quite daunting. At Reckon Interiors, we elevate the artistic levels with our custom design pieces that meld style with purpose. We will help you visualize the work of art you have always wanted and match it to your space and specification. Working side by side with you and the artist, we will convert your vision into an exceptional gallery-worthy piece of art. Because our goal is to enhance your space and to create spaces that are truly unique